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3 in 1 Utility Packer™


- Fits 4"-8" casing/boreholes (100-200mm)
- Small and lightweight
- Easy to use
- Very fast set and release
- Inexpensive to buy and maintain

   Just 31" long (.8m) and 65 lbs. (30kg), the 3-in-1 Utility Packer™ is a multi-purpose downhole tool for use in grouting, acid injection, and zone pumping. When activated by a pump on the surface, a unique hydraulic cylinder compresses 2 rubber seals that lock on the borehole walls or casing. Average "setting time" is 30-45 SECONDS! Release time is 5-10 SECONDS! The engineered "memory" in the rubber seals forces the packer back to original size. The different size rubber seal can be interchanged IN THE FIELD in a few minutes! This durable and time-proven design eliminates expensive and unrealible inflatable elements.

Rubber seal sets available for casing/borehole sizes: 4", 5", 6" 7" O.D., 8".