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For Well Development and Rehabilitation
  Developing and Rehabilitating well screens in sand and gravel wells

   • Breaks down and disperses drilling mud filter cake

   • Corrects damage to water bearing formation resulting from

   • Increases porosity and permeability in zone surrounding well

   • Breaks down bio-fouling slime

Other Uses

   • Blasts rock flour, mineral sediments, drill cuttings,

     and bio-fouling from water wells drilled in rock formations

   • Use as well bottom sounding tool

   • Airlift pumping

   • Removeable S.S. nozzle inserts for different pumps/velocities

   • Heavy-duty for harsh conditions

   • Available for all well diameters

   • Works equally well in horizontal wells

  • No rotation required - multiple S.S. nozzles provide hydraulic balance - can be used with pump service rig or lowered on small capacity winch line

• Rounded, tapered design for smooth lowering and raising - recessed nozzle inserts

• High velocities and hydraulic energies ensure greater formation penetration

• Maximum efficieny from having nozzles within 1/4" (6mm) of well screen/borehole diameter

• Velocity controlled by pump and nozzle size
Use with Frac-Pipe™ for fast, efficient results